Group A: The March Style

This group contains an introduction to the program as well as basic theory, explanations of note groupings and instructions on how to interpret the rhythms of the 2/4 March.  Completion of the exercises will allow you to read virtually any 2/4 march up to a grade 3 level as well as Reels and Hornpipes played with swing (dots and cuts).  Most beginning drummers competing in the lower grades play marches exclusively so Group A is the logical place to begin your "reading journey".  Group A is divided into six distinct sections.  Click on the links below to start reading!

1)  Basic Theory and Related Rhythm Syllables:

2)  Exercises #1-6  An introduction to reading simple rhythms

3)  Exercises #7-20  Dot/cut and cut/dot rhythms

4)  Exercises #21-27  Sixteenth note triplets

5)  Exercises #28-34  Thirty-second note groupings

6)  Exercises #35-44  Combination studies using all previously learned rhythms
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