The 50 Pipe Band Drumming Rudiments

Rudiments form the foundation of the pipe band drumming style.  The following list includes some well known and a few little known rudiments but all will help you develop your dexterity, facility and hand speed--especially if you practice them hand to hand (with both right and left hand lead).  There are other types of rudiments beyond the pipe band world which can help your snare drumming--notably the P.A.S. (Percussive Arts Society) 40 Rudiments and the ever growing library of Hybrid Rudiments used in DCI corps.  

When practising your rudiments, always use a metronome.  The metronome not only helps you keep a steady tempo and improves subdivision skills, but it also provides a method of tracking your progress.

Rudiments are often overlooked and under appreciated as part of a drummer's education.  However, as any truly great drummer will tell you, mastery of the rudiments are at the heart of their success.  All great drummers practice their rudiments daily and if you want to be great someday your work starts here!  Happy practising!

Basic Sticking

1) Single Strokes
Single strokes

2) Double Strokes
Double strokes

3) Triple Strokes
Triple strokes

4) Single Five
Single fives

5) Multiple Bounce (Buzz) Roll
Multiple bounce strokes buzzes

Advanced Sticking

6) Single Paradiddle
Single paradiddle

7) Double Paradiddle
Double paradiddle

8) Triple Paradiddle
Triple paradiddle

9) Paradiddle-diddle
Paradiddle diddle

10) Swiss Five
Swiss five

11) Paradiddle Five
Paradiddle five

12) Ratamacue

13) Four Stroke (Single Stroke) Ruff
Four stroke ruff

14) Swiss Ruff
Swiss ruff


The Rolls

16) Trizzlet

15) Four Stroke Roll
4 stroke
17) Five Stroke Roll
5 stroke

18) Six Stroke Roll
6 stroke

19) Seven Stroke Roll
7 stroke

20) Eight Stroke Roll
8 stroke

21) Nine Stroke Roll
9 stroke

22) Ten Stroke Roll
10 stroke

23) Eleven Stroke Roll
11 stroke

24) Twelve Stroke Roll
12 stroke

25) Thirteen Stroke Roll
13 stroke

26) Fifteen Stroke Roll
15 stroke

27) Seventeen Stroke Roll
17 stroke

28) Twenty-Five Stroke Roll (Intro Roll)
25 stroke


Flam Rudiments

29) Flam

30) Flam Tap
Flam tap

31) Tap Flam
Tap flam

32) Flam and Stroke
Flam and stroke

33) Flam Triplet
Flam triplet

34) Swiss Triplet
Swiss triplet

35) Flam Paradiddle (Flam-a-diddle)
Flam paradiddle

36) Windmill Four
Windmill fours

37) Windmill Six
Windmill sixes

38) Pataflafla

39) Flam to Single Five
Flam to single five

40) Flam to Swiss Five
Flam to swiss five

41) Flam to Paradiddle Five
Flam to paradiddle five



42) Drag

43) Drag Tap
Drag tap

44) Tap Drag
Tap drag

45) Double Drag Tap
Double drag tap

46) Drag Triplet
Drag triplet

47) Drag Paradiddle (Drag-a-diddle)
Drag paradiddles drag a diddles

48) Drag Five
Drag five

49) Drag to Swiss Five
Drag to swiss five

50) Drag to Paradiddle Five
Drag to paradiddle five