New Video Series: Five Long Minutes

Have you ever been frustrated when life gets in the way of your practice time? Sometimes, with a busy schedule, it is impossible to find a whole hour to sit down and run through your entire practice routine. As a freelance musician I find it very difficult to carve out a couple of hours in my schedule so I'm forced to practice in small chunks throughout the day when the opportunities arise. These small pockets of time are created when a student cancels, if the laundry or dishes get done faster than planned or if I only have a few morning emails to answer. I try my best to take these little gifts of extra time and use them wisely.

My busy schedule this year is the inspiration for PipeBandDrummer's new video series: Five Long Minutes. Over the coming months I'll be posting different rudiments, common musical phrases and technique challenges--all in five minute chunks--designed to fit into your busy day.

The series begins with Five Long Minutes of Intro Rolls. I thought it appropriate to use intro rolls for the first video as they are always played first themselves. Intro rolls are often overlooked by competitive drummers and that is a huge mistake! The execution of intro rolls can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing a contest--I have learned this painful lesson the hard way. Please learn from my mistakes and practice your intro rolls. There are approximately 80 of them in the video below, all played to a metronome at 74 bpm. All you need to do is find five minutes in your day...



Have fun practicing your intro rolls! Until next time...

Happy Drumming!


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    You're welcome!

    You're welcome!

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